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The European Business Panel

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28-10-2011 13:57

Brochure EPP

The following e-mail from Ms. Maryla Jankowska national coordinator EBTP

Good morning,
I wanted to thank you for your cooperation in the establishment and functioning in Poland, European Business Test Panel (EBTP) European Business Panel conducted consultations tools in the Directorate General Internal Market and Services European Commission together with EU member states.

By working with business organizations, Polish companies are actively involved in the consultation panel - for which I am extremely grateful. The results of previous studies are available on the website EBTP . Currently the panel is rebuilt and was attached to the panel for small and medium enterprises, conducted in the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry European Commission.

At the same time, companies were invited so far to consult members of the Panel EBTP companies on the implementation of EU directives and projects that affect business activity in Poland.

Currently, consultations are carried out concerning the implementation of the directive on late payments in commercial transactions. They are designed to obtain information on the extent of the problem of delayed payments in Poland.

Opinion of the companies is of particular importance, because the future will adapt to changes in the law of specificity of our economy and the real needs of Polish businesses. Replies will be very helpful when creating regulations that may help to obviate or at least reduce the problem of gridlock.

We cordially invite your organization affiliated to the company to respond to the questionnaire available at the following address:

Consultations are conducted until 17 November 2011.

Sincerely and best regards,