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Polish Automotive Cluster

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The vision and concept of organizational activities


Polish Automotive Cluster (PKM) was invented by me, as a way to reduce constraints and strengthen the conduct of economic activities in the domestic and global automotive manufacturing companies of the group of SME managed primarily Polish capital.

Cluster is an organization which can work together manufacturing companies, service companies and related trade, scientific institutions, companies and other business around.

PKM Cluster A cluster is formed by clusters of manufacturing companies, which combines the product being manufactured. I assume that there will be clusters Product Manufacturers:

  • Special vehicles and construction
  • Vehicles
  • Trailer
  • Buses
  • Electric vehicles (currently there are 3 independent)
  • Gas-powered vehicles
  • Parts and Equipment (several clusters according to the perceived common interests of the company)
  • And more as needed

Polish Automotive Cluster

PKM is the coordinator of SPCM

PKM form clusters around your products and company business, companies whose business is different Cluster product.

Clusters Product Manufacturers

Members will join agreement in clusters. Clusters will be managed by elected members for a term of the Cluster Programme Board. The Council employs the Executive Board.

Objectives, define the product for the cluster members at the time of establishment and they will change as emerging needs and ideas for joint activities. For example, can organize:

  • In cooperation with scientific background research - which will work with members of the cluster in the development of construction and testing of products. This is to ensure a constant high level of innovation of member companies. Provide information on developments in the global market of products produced by the cluster.
  • Build a joint factory parts or elements of EU funding such as OP 5.1 which will reduce the production of the product basket and increase the competitiveness of cluster members in the market.
  • Set up a joint venture to foreign trade. Expose the joint booths at the Fair by creating attractive potential customers.
  • Develop cooperative relations and cooperation between business and commercial transactions between suppliers and customers inside the PCM.
  • In cooperation with scientific institutions to develop and update the cluster development strategy.
  • Cooperation with large customers.

Advisory Board and the Board of PKM PKM

These bodies and the heads of RMC have established a statute of PKM. Council of Presidents of the software make product Cluster Programme Boards. The Council is committed Cluster Board members.

The Council will formulate tasks for the Board of PKM.

The tasks of the Board shall belong.

  • Obtaining funds to support organizational activities and the commissioning of studies forecasting and conducting PR.
  • Outsourcing of collaborating research institutes to develop market forecasts for the industry and individual Cluster product.
  • Tracking the promised legislation to carry out their analysis in terms of impact on economic activity Kalstra members in Poland and the EU. The occurrence together with the SPCM in defending the interests of members.

Funding and conditions for participation in the RMC

The functioning of the Board PKM Cluster and will be the first product based on the established system of self funding. This does not preclude the use of every possible support from the funds. The costs of organizing and functioning of the PMC will be charged to the statutory fund of the Association is created by membership fees and other charges approved by the organizational members appointed Cluster product. Therefore, any company or scientific institution, which joins the PKM Cluster product or accede to the SPCM and pay membership fees.

The RMC Organizing

Organizer and coordinator of PKM is SPCM. The first step is to achieve a Cluster product. Looking for business decision makers in companies, which take upon himself a leader - the organizer of its Cluster product. The leader is to enlist the decision makers in companies and the creation of an organizational cluster product, which will prepare the documents of incorporation of the Cluster. Organizing Clusters product will take place with the active help from the SPCM.

The second step is to create a PCM Program Council and the involvement of members of the Board of PKM.

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Developed by

Anthony T. Dabrowski

Chairman of the Board

Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association