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Intervention in the UKE

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Observing the market saw the Allegro "discharge" car alarms and radio controls in exports by the end of Asians in North America who work in the 315 MHz band. Since this is a frequency reserved for NATO, we decided to share our findings with the Office of Electronic Communications. We did it by e-mail. The following e-mail sent to UKE on 03.02.2008, the

We did not have long to wait, on 27.03.2008 we received via e-mail response to UKE for actions taken by the Authority.

Frankly UKE activities positively surprised us, the speed and efficiency of 100%. As a result of UKE Ministry of Finance, Customs Policy Department on 30.04.2008 wrote to all directors of customs chambers of the need to retain such goods at the borders.

You only need to want it.