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Information Office of SPCM No. 16/2013

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The Warsaw 04.11.2013

Information Office of SPCM No. 16/2013

Regulations that were missing


To report that appeared in the Regulation to the Law on Road Traffic:

a) the type-approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of equipment or parts (OJ of 28.03.2013, item. 407) (http://dziennikustaw.gov.pl/du/2013/407/1)


b) the admission of the individual vehicle (Journal of Laws of 28.03.2013, item. 408) (http://dziennikustaw.gov.pl/du/2013/408/1).

I suggest that producers who submitted their participation in the meeting inquired 18.04 in PIMOT and ITS, which will be the cost of technical research for several of their products to allow the unit.


c) on the specific requirements that must be met by the applicant for designating it as a legitimate entity, means and methods of inspection and design of the evaluation report (Journal of Laws of 28.03.2013, item. 406) (http://dziennikustaw.gov .pl/du/2013/406/1)


Ministry provided the technical requirements for the approval of unit-readable form similar to our table. The level of technical requirements is not identical to the proposed by us.


Information is supplied courtesy of Mr. Kamil Przewoskiego IDIADY. Thank you!


The desire to participate in the meeting, please submit an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . There are seven seats. Costs to attend a meeting of representatives of companies belonging to SPCMiP is 100 zł / person, payable locally.


Ladies and Gentlemen

To SPCMiP could serve producers must exist. So there must be members. I invite manufacturers to join the Association.

Together you can do more.


Anthony T. Dabrowski

Chairman of the Board SPCMiP