SPCMiP - jesteśmy od 1999 roku.

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Report of the Board SPCM

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Warsaw, 10.15.2011, the
At the XII General Assembly of Members SPCM
On 27.10.2011.
Association activities during the reporting period from 2008 included
• Publication and dissemination of information to the office
• Develop and attempt to enter the System Compliance SPCM ST category of a quality comparable to the original introduced block exemption regulation for spare parts.
• Action against Crisis carried out jointly with the Association of Automotive Employers.
• Develop and transfer to the Ministry of SPCM report about the situation and the support needed by the domestic suppliers of the automotive industry. Correspondence with Min Pawlak
• Interventions in the OCCP ws the Polish import and marketing of parts without the required approval.
• Activities aimed at finding a less expensive institution conducting the approval tests.
• Launch of new website spam.cba.pl developed and edited by Col. Andrew Tyminski.
• Organizing meetings at the Club Manufacturer
• Cooperation with the Spanish Institute of the Iliad and the organization of information meetings with the new requirements zwianych approval of vehicles. (Meetings at the Club Manufacturer)
• Maintaining regular contact with the Ministry of Economy and reported participation in legislative initiatives and analytical activities related to the analysis of the automotive industry. We collected and passed opinions sent in by members.
• Establishing new and maintaining existing contacts with civil society organizations working in the automotive industry. SDCM, ZPM, and other
• The introduction of our representative to the European institutions CARS 21 Mr. Iza Tymińska
• Take the initiative in 2010 to organize Polish automotive cluster. The development of the cluster concept and discuss with potential partners
• Take CORNET Initiative for funding the research completed results that can be used in manufacturing
• Action to prevent the introduction of the Act on the admission of vehicles to move warped the provisions of Directive 46 EU acting to the detriment of producers by introducing such that component type-approval should not be. Cooperation with SDCM.
• Proposed by Janina Stanczyk meeting of the Club with the purchase of sheep Manufacturer of large customers and to develop cooperative relations between firms by sharing spare capacity in manufacturing processes.

He developed the documentation
Anthony T. Dabrowski
Chairman of the Board