SPCMiP - jesteśmy od 1999 roku.

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General Principles

§ 1
Adoption by the General Assembly of Members of Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (SPCM) of the Code of Honour Manufacturer, hereinafter called the Code, as applicable in the Association, obliges each member of the SPCM to comply with its provisions.

§ 2
Producer within the meaning of this Code is the owner of the company, a member of the governing bodies of the company, an employee of the company acting as managers.

§ 3
Each member of the SPCM should obey the law, good morals and ethics in business.

§ 4
The Code is to promote and disseminate the principles of diligence, integrity and fairness in economic relations.

§ 5
Each manufacturer in its activities should contribute to social development, care for the common good, including the environment and its resources.

§ 6
The manufacturer shall conduct their business in a transparent manner, to avoid political influence and breach of good manners forms of coercion that affect yourself and run by business competitors.

§ 7
The manufacturer shall comply with the principles of free and fair competition and equal treatment of all participants in economic life.

§ 8
The manufacturer shall comply with all legal regulations concerning fair economic activities. Unacceptable is the use of unfair competition, in particular through the:
- Determination of misleading the company and products,
- Fraudulent or false designation of geographic origin of products,
- Infringement of trade secrets,
- Urging the termination or non-performance,
- Imitation products
- Pomawianiu zachwalaniu or unfair,
- Obstructing access to the market,
- The use of unfair or prohibited advertising.

The detailed rules of conduct

§ 9
The manufacturer is obliged to:
1) professional ethical obligations in any situation,
2) surrender to unethical pressures and suggestions,
3) refrain from retaliation against unfair and unethical contractors
4) The giving up of transactions, contracts and agreements relating to unfair and unethical ventures,
5) care for the environment, especially for the environment,
6) provision of full information about the origin and use of products,
7) provide full and complete information about the principles of using products,
8) to disclose, before finalizing the transaction, disadvantages, disadvantages and defects resulting from its implementation or likely to rise in the use of the effects of this transaction,
9) indicate another possibility to meet customer needs while maintaining the best knowledge and will.

§ 10
The manufacturer may not:
1) to cheat on the price margin and weight,
2) to hide defects in the products offered by them,
3) use unreliable, detrimental to competitors and customers, falsifying the reality of information and publicity
4) to produce goods and provide services based on customers or harmful to the environment raw material, components and intermediates,
5) place unreasonable charges for other entrepreneurs,
6) discriminate against other operators such as due to the form of ownership, nationality of the owner, resident.

§ 11
The manufacturer shall not:
1) deliberately restrict production, services, trade in order to increase prices or limit the functionality of other entrepreneurs, despite the existing possibilities,
2) limit the opportunities of other entrepreneurs eg by dumping practices, urging for a boycott of these entities in business,
3) without undue cause inhibit the cash benefits in trade,
4) avoid responsibility for the quality of its products,
5) use of unfair methods of obtaining orders,
6) use the non-legal methods of recovery.

§ 12
First Manufacturers - members SPCM - may receive awards and prizes for the application of this Code.
Second Prizes and awards grants the General Assembly of Members at the request of at least 1 / 10 the total number of members after an opinion by the Board of SPCM.
Third Members of the General Assembly may grant SPCM following awards and honors:
- Letter of praise,
- Letter of praise to the information to the media,
- Distinction SPCM published.

§ 13
First In relation to the producers of violating the provisions of this Code may be used in the following penalties:
- A written reprimand,
- A written reprimand,
- Reprimand with a warning
- Exclusion from the association.
Second The proposal for punishing the manufacturer, not the respect of this Code, each member may submit a SPCM.
Third Penalties may be granted by the Board SPCM (the exception is the "exclusion from the association") after receiving an explanation from the offender manufacturer.
4th Exclusion from the association requires the approval of the General Assembly of Members.
5th Offending may be appealed to the Members of the General Assembly, whose decisions are final.

§ 14
Producer who unwittingly breach the provisions of the Code, will result in harm to anyone, it is required to complete repair and resolve the matter.

§ 15
Traders Code of Honour has been passed on 06.11.2001.
and available to all members of the Association.

Warsaw, 6 November 2001.