SPCMiP - jesteśmy od 1999 roku.

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About Us

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The idea that inspired the founders of SPCM in 1999 was to create conditions and then to lead to practical that brings tangible benefits to manufacturers of automotive parts co.

Economics of "capitalism allies" functioning in the world for many years begins to gain understanding and to our business, because you access to resources not available to individual companies of the group of SMEs. Evidenced by the growing number of organized clusters formed buying groups and consortia of companies in various industries. Is part of the EU strategy "Europe 2020" and allows use of financial resources from EU funds on a much larger scale.

Integration of the business of the automotive industry and its contractors are meeting in the Club Manufacturer. They are held on average once a month and usually are devoted to some subject, which presents the invited speaker. Talks participants of these meetings are not only a source of information, but serve mutual understanding and confidence-building, which is necessary for the organization of joint ventures.

From November 2011 (change in the statute), members of the SPCM can be manufacturers of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, other companies associated with the automotive industry, research institutions and companies about business. The change was introduced with the idea of Polish Automotive Cluster (information tab in Clusters).

An important function of the Association is to constantly monitor the proposed legislation, participation in the consulting business in order to protect companies from the automotive industry especially from a group of SMEs. We work in this area with other organizations, particularly with SDCM. This last function also rozciągnęliśmy EU. We have a representative on the committee of the CARS 21

More on undertaken in the past and currently by SPCM actions in defense of our interests can be read in the "action SPCM".

Cluster policy enforced by the EU countries means that some regional aid programs already require connection to the application for the grant, a certificate of membership to the industry trying to social organization that is, for example, the SPCM. Our members have free help and advice in finding adequate funding and writing proposals and advice free of duty. Membership in the Association is also a wider contacts friendship and the opportunity to participate in joint ventures.

Members are required to SPCM in their actions be guided by honesty, integrity and professional ethics required by the Code of Honour Manufacturer SPCM.