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Information Office of SPCM No. 15/2013

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The Warsaw 04.10.2013

Information Office of SPCM No. 15/2013


Why and how to use the money from the EU on the development of the company and the product


To take advantage of the money that we face in different EU programs need to have an idea to grow your business or product. You have to want to make it happen. You have then the idea to do a project and find the right program to obtain funding for its implementation. Finally, we must write and submit a timely request for this project.

The recipe is simple sum of why so few manufacturers use the funding? Why Polish companies do not participate in European research projects? Why the different programs are still unspent?

On 25.04.2013, the organizing meeting of the Club Manufacturer SPCM and P for companies that want to learn about the benefits and problems that a company when carrying out the project and gets money from the EU.


The meeting will invite 3-4 companies that benefited from the funds for various purposes in different funds and the meeting will share their experiences.

I invite Mr. Katarzyna Kowalska, our expert on EU funds and a representative of the Institute of Electron Technology, who will present the procedure for participation in European research projects and use their results.


The desire to participate in the meeting, please submit an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Costs to attend a meeting of representatives of companies which do not belong to SPCMiP is 100 zł / person, payable locally. Invitations to the meeting send out after 15.04.2013 r


Dear Manufacturers

To SPCM and P could serve producers must exist. So there must be members. I invite manufacturers to join the Association.

Together you can do more.

Anthony T. Dabrowski

President of the SPCM