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Club Manufacturer SPCM on 18 April 2013

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The Warsaw 07.04.2013

Club Manufacturer SPCM


Manufacturers to meet

on 18 April 2013 (Thursday) at 11 am in Warsaw at ul school building. Jagiellońska 71 in Hall 101 (Free parking in the building)


Producers Study Group (GBP)

Way to reduce the cost of technical studies for the load unit

At the meeting we will discuss the possibility of creating GBP by the idea of Mr. Szafranski's Arkadiusz BORO Sp. of o.o.

Purchase it with the aid of EU vehicle inspection stations, and equipping it with MTBiGM obtain permission to perform technical tests for unit loads for the members of the group.

If the discussion is positive the Initiative Group was established firms, which together with SPCMiP take action to create GBP.

The meeting agenda

First Welcome and introduction of participants (each about yourself and your company).

Second Presentation of the idea of ​​creating GBP. Discussion - risks and benefits

3rd Talk. Term objectives and conditions of appointment GBP.

4th Proposed adoption SPCMiP as coordinator GBP - ATD

5th Appointment of the Initiative Group of companies declaring participation in the preliminary stage of organizational GBP.

6th Establishing an action plan for the initial phase and their distribution between the companies, the Initiative Group.

7th Information about programs that can get funding for GBP

8th Date of the next meeting of the working group of the Initiative. Individual conversations, exchange contacts and end of the meeting.


Estimated time meeting 2.5-3 h

Please share application until 15.04.2013, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Cost of the meeting, a representative of not belonging to the SPCM is 100 zł / person, payable on the spot.

Please send the data to account for their participation, including NIP-I.

Anthony T. Dabrowski

Chairman of the Board SPCM and P