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Correspondence with MI

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The history of correspondence with the Ministry of Infrastructure on the approval.

Letter sent by us to MI on 08.06.2008 The

Ministry of Infrastructure returned to the World Cup of Car Electrotechnical Laboratory for their views on the problem presented by us. World Cup on 27.08.2008 forwarded to me your position on this issue.

MI response on 01.09.2008 in our letter dated 08.06.2008, the

In view of the flawed law letter dated 10.22.2008, the proposed ME solution that previously applied the UKE.

MI response on 28.10.2008 in our letter dated 10.22.2008, the

We were not satisfied with the settlement of the matter by MI, found it to be so that the consultancies spychologię advice lawyer Andrzej Tomaszewski, who on 01/08/2009 was sent on our behalf a letter to the Minister of Infrastructure of the proposed legal solution to the problem.

On 27/01/2009, the lawyer through Andrew Tomaszewski received a response from the MI. To our surprise, the letter was signed by the same Director of the Department, whose signature can be found in the earlier correspondence. This can such a habit?

Frankly fell off our hands, we began to wonder what really is the stuff?

We managed to interest a matter of journalist Andrew Popielski and 5 the number of Alarm Systems released an article describing the situation and our efforts to restore normalcy. ( link to article )

How does this take effect? Just go on the auction or to the stores where they are sold in large quantities of goods which must be approved in accordance with the law and do not. We are aware of products that repeatedly fail the test and the companies importing them from China, with full knowledge bring them into commerce, not only breaking the law but endangering road users.