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Manufacturing defects in Dacia Duster 4x4

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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has been advised by Renault Poland, in some copies of the Dacia Duster 4x4, produced in Romania to 12 April 2011, is a fault which might pose a security threat to users.

This information applies to certain vehicles where the accumulation of snow on the mounting bracket rear brake hose left and right, it is possible to break the rigid pipe rear brake caliper on the point of attachment to the brake cylinder. At high zaśnieżeniu can lead to sudden loss of braking efficiency, combined with the lighting of the lights on the instrument cluster.

In Poland, the fall campaign of 1162 repair cars. VIN numbers of these cars can be found here . Owners w / in cars will be notified by registered letter Renault Poland about the threat and the need to visit a service center, to replace the rear wheel brake.

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Amendments to the Act on compulsory insurance

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February 11, 2012 will come into force amendments to the Act on compulsory insurance, which include eliminates the problem of double liability. The customer can at any time resign from the other unnecessary policy, which is not declared and insured in another company. At the same time insurance will not be automatically prolonged after selling the car.

With the new rules will also solved the problem with return of premium for the unused period of insurance. The premium will be paid by the Insurer for each unused day, and not for the whole month, as it is today.

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