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Konkurs Programu INNOTECH

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Dyrektor Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju ogłasza II Konkurs Programu INNOTECH


Program skierowany jest do podmiotów podejmujących działania badawcze i prace przygotowawcze do wdrożenia, ukierunkowane na opracowanie i wdrożenie innowacyjnych technologii, produktów lub usług, służących podniesieniu konkurencyjności polskiej gospodarki.

Program INNOTECH jest programem wsparcia sektora nauki i sektora przedsiębiorstw w zakresie realizacji innowacyjnych przedsięwzięć z różnych dziedzin nauki i branż przemysłu, ze szczególnym    wskazaniem na obszar wysokich technologii.

Warunkiem koniecznym udziału w Programie jest, aby podmioty wnioskujące o środki finansowe na realizację projektów podejmowały działania badawcze, obejmujące badania przemysłowe i prace rozwojowe,  oraz prace przygotowawcze do wdrożenia, ukierunkowane na opracowanie i wprowadzenie innowacyjnych technologii, produktów lub usług, służących podniesieniu konkurencyjności polskiej gospodarki.

Program podzielony jest na dwie ścieżki: In-Tech i Hi-Tech. Ścieżka programowa In-Tech skierowana jest do konsorcjów i centrów naukowo-przemysłowych oraz przedsiębiorców. W ramach ścieżki Hi-Tech aplikować mogą innowacyjne przedsiębiorstwa z sektora MŚP, działające w obszarze wysokich technologii.

Celem Programu INNOTECH jest:

  • Zwiększenie liczby innowacji technologicznych,
  • Zwiększenie wydatków przedsiębiorstw na badania naukowe i prace rozwojowe,
  • Wzmocnienie współpracy przedsiębiorstw z jednostkaimi badawczymi sektora publicznego.

Program INNOTECH ma przyczynić się do zwiększenia udziału produktów wysokich technologii w strukturze przychodów przedsiębiorstw uczestniczących w Programie, co przełoży się na stworzenie podstaw, szybszego niż obecnie, wzrostu udziału produktów wysokich technologii w PKB polskiej gospodarki.

Nabór wniosków, w elektronicznym generatorze wniosków OSF, możliwy będzie w dniach od 02 kwietnia 2012 do 02 maja 2012 roku, pod adresem https://osf.opi.org.pl.

W sprawach związanych z funkcjonowaniem systemu OSF (rejestrowania i obsługi wniosków składanych w formie elektronicznej) uprzejmie prosimy o kontakt z Ośrodkiem Przetwarzania Informacji w Warszawie tel.:  +48 22 35 17 101 lub +48 22  35 17 104.

Wszelkie pytania lub wątpliwości prosimy kierować na adres e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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Certification and conformity assessment of certain types of products are often inadequate for the equipment of special importance, which may not work correctly determine the health and lives of road vehicle users. These products are covered by the directives of the "old approach", which is often called sectoral directives. These products include: electrical equipment and vehicle electronics, information systems and data transfer systems. For this group of devices should be increased requirements for electromagnetic compatibility and stability of their technical parameters during the operation. This procedure is called a procedure approval process.

Approval system common to all EU countries based on a network of national bodies whose task is to supervise the proper functioning of the system for specific product groups inside the country. Approval of vehicle electronics and electrical engineering in Poland is the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The tasks of approval include issuance, extension and revocation of approval, in cooperation with authorized research laboratories and the supervision of commercial traffic in the area of ​​certification.

In sensitive areas, Member States shall adopt provisions in their legislation governing the rules of approval and approval requirements for the possession of the individual products. The necessity of approval of vehicles and their parts in Poland, the Act specifies the Road Traffic Law, Article. 68, para. One reads: "The manufacturer or importer of new motor vehicle, farm tractor, motorcycle, streetcar or a trailer and items of equipment or parts is required to obtain for each new type of vehicle, the subject of their equipment and the certificate of approval issued by the minister responsible for transport" .

The manufacturer or importer of a new vehicle subject to type approval shall apply to the right of approval of the device for the institution of the application for approval, giving at the same test results confirming compliance of the product of all regulatory requirements.

Such tests may be done only in specially authorized (notified) research laboratory, which have an appropriate technical and human resources (for example, such a laboratory must Car Electrotechnics Laboratory Kielce University of Technology).

It is entirely irrelevant whether the approval is issued based on the European Commission's sectoral directives or regulations of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations. There is also no matter which Member State the approval was granted, or which of the authorized laboratories made the studies. Effective multilateral international recognition of the principle.

Production of traded goods should be clearly marked with approval number. Failure to comply with this requirement or the marketing of unapproved products implies a prohibition on the sale.

Some articles of particular interest are tested for compliance with selected EU Directives or UNECE Regulations. For example, car alarms systems are being tested for compliance with UN ECE Regulation No 97 Fri: "Uniform provisions concerning the approval of alarm systems (VAS) of vehicles and vehicles with regard to their alarm systems (AS)". Other products which malfunction can interfere with other devices, are subject to mandatory testing for compliance with UN ECE Regulation No. 10 or Directive 2004/104 EC.

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The increase in car theft in 2011

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Last year saw a growth vehicle theft, fell prey to thieves Polish 16 285 cars. The most commonly stolen include Volkswagen and Audi. Thieves In Mazovia tastes are slightly different, favorite brands are Honda and Toyota. The police caught the thief in five, or 80% of theft is not detected.

As you can see most of these brands has a factory fitted alarm.

All factory security, the better and the worse, have a fundamental flaw, not a surprise and an obstacle to a thief.

Professional thieves are prepared to steal the car model and the portable computer just to run through the diagnostic connector car or replacing the computer from another similar car drives off. Such a replacement is literally a jiffy.
Therefore, we install the additional security which is the alarm .
The biggest advantage of the factory alarm is not their diversity, and as you know the thief does not have much time for crazy upatrzonym car.
Frequently when buying a car make Us happy installed car alarm dealer. Although it is mounted at an authorized workshop, it is well known in the services are installed alarms in bulk and in accordance with service manual - or at the place designated for that model.
Frequently the most important module goes into the dashboard, where a thief can remove it in a few seconds. In such cases, do not work because the best systems on the effectiveness of the alarm depends not only on the model, but the quality and unconventional assembly.
We know that professional installation of the alarm system may not last an hour or two hours. A properly installed alarm a few hours of work and ingenuity of the installer which will provide us with effective protection against theft.
Each alarm has a feature which further hinders the immobilizer to run a car or other vehicle. Most shut off the ignition, starter and fuel pump, and the best safeguard all of these circuits.
Would you like to sleep at night? Do not regret the money on additional protection against vehicle theft.

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